I am

Imke Rust Portrait

 I am Imke Rust – the artist and creator of your personal Intuitive Art Elixir.

And, YES I am also

  • a rainmaker in training
  • an artist in love with ideas and concepts
  • inspired by possibility and wonder
  • intuitive, creative and solution orientated
  • a romantic spirit in awe of the mystical and spiritual dimension of life
  • as well as a practical realist and sceptic with an eye for detail
  • sometimes a little bit goofy

I believe in

  • the power of gratitude
  • the goodness and beauty of this world
  • magic, miracles, totems and spirits
  • the creative process as a healing and transformational force
  • efficiency and practicality
  • being responsible for my own happiness
  • … and chocolate when all else fails.

I love

  • my husband and my family
  • darker shades of pink, like fuchsia and magenta
  • the Namib desert
  • being creative and daydreaming
  • uncovering deeper and alternative layers of wisdom, connections and patterns
  • inspiring and thought-provoking conversations with friends
  • researching and musing over the connections between different believe systems, traditions and alternative healing methods
  • solitude and rest, lots of rest.

I feel really passionate about

  • living an inspirational, abundant and beautiful life.
  • shining a light and being of service to make this world a better place.
  • helping you getting in touch with your own wisdom, creativity and intuition.

I know

  • That there is always a way.
  • That art and ritual can be a powerful healing tool.
  • That ultimately all is love.

And some more worldly information:

I was born in Namibia. Love made me split my time between my home-country and Berlin since 2010.

I am an award-winning artist with a BA degree in Visual Arts from the University of South Africa. I have exhibited extensively in Namibia and internationally in solo and group shows, won several awards and stipends and been invited on residencies. I also have been a curator at the National Art Gallery of Namibia and co-founded and managed an extensive art and cultural exchange program between the partner cities Berlin and Windhoek, running over several years.

Want more of the nitty-gritty? Then click here for my official artist CV.

And you are welcome to grab a cup of coffee or tea and hop over to my artist page, to page through more of my diverse creative expressions with me: www.imkerust.com