Client’s Praise

"I wanted to jump in with a HUGE shout out  and thank you to Imke. She made me the most wonderful piece of healing totemic artwork  and it truly does soothe my soul every time I  look at it. Her written interpretation was  equally gorgeous - I loved hearing about how  the piece came together, why each element  asked to be included…  Now a few months later, I can see how  specifically intuitive and insightful this artwork has been - events have unfolded which were  perfectly captured in my elixir by Imke! This is  such a gift for yourself - if you haven't ordered  your Elixir from her yet, DO IT.  It’s a potent,  resonant, and wonderful way to integrate with  your totem(s) and see what medicine they  have specifically for you.”

Connect with Foxy (AKA Emelie) Pickett at
Totemic Shaman and  WildPlayground Totemic Arts Institute

Feedback Sabrina

Connect with Sabrina Bolin at

I received the files and I am BLOWN AWAY! Wow. And I loved the video showing your process- it was fascinating for me to watch it unfold. There is so much in here that resonates. I am grateful for the reminder to be all of me and to not hide my intensity. I also found it so interesting to see the crow. She has been a symbol for me for many years and just this past week she returned and I said ' welcome back, it's been awhile'. Then she appears in the painting. AMAZING. I am so in awe of your gift and feel I will spend much time learning from the painting. Thank you so much! Jodi McMurray Founder and CEO at The Humanity Collective

Connect with Jodi McMurray at The Humanity Collective


FionaArtElixi“Thank you so much for my Intuitive Art Elixir. It’s so perfect for me, and has so many layers of medicine that are exactly what I need right now. I love it so much! Thank you so much for tapping into your intuition and guiding me to the medicine I needed. My art elixir is more powerful than I could have ever imagined!”

Fiona Seabell, Massachusetts




“Thank you so much Imke for my beautiful, intense, ferocious Intuitive Art Elixir. It definitely brought up some powerful messages/emotions for me while meditating on it. And your process and observations deeply resonated with me. Thank you beautiful soul for gracing me with your gift. (Those eyes! I could not stop staring at them)”

Paige Dolan, a Catalyst for Positive Change at


“You definitely captured "my moment".    At a first glance I thought this is SO me!! Even if I seem  calm and quiet there is this part of me looking forward to  be uncovered and be fresh and wild and free.  Also your comments could not be more appropriate.   And even now, when I look at it a few months later, I just  got  a reminder of who I am and where I want to go.  Thank you for sharing this gift in such beautiful manner"


“At first I was a little taken aback by it, it felt kind of sad and the first word that came to me was ‘dirty’, like in an actual roots and dirt kind of way.
Then I read your story about it and it all made so much sense.
Then I watched the video and it made even more sense.
Now I think it is beautiful and I love it! 

I also love that it triggered such an immediate emotional/spiritual response in me when I saw it.”

Julie W., Photographer & Entrepreneur


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