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  • How the idea for the Intuitive Art Elixirs came into being

What is an Intuitive Art Elixir?

A personal intuitively created artwork on 300 g/m2 watercolour paper, 25 x 25cm. I use different media such as watercolours, inks, gouache, pencils and pens.

The elements (colours, shapes, figures and composition) of the artwork and choice of medium form in my inner eye through an intuitive dialog and connection to your soul and spiritual guides.

You will get the original physical art work mailed to you through the traditional snail mail postal system.

As I act as a vessel for the creation of this artwork I can never tell in advance what it will look like, but from my experience I know that it always contains exactly the elements needed by your soul.

Here are some examples of previous commissioned Intuitive Art Elixirs:

In addition to the artwork you will get a short written text, documenting my observations. This provides you with additional insights and wisdom incorporated in your visual elixir and helps you gaining a deeper understanding of its medicine.



Why art?

See the solution and it will become a part of you.

Every artwork sends out a specific energy and has a soul. This comes from the energy and intention that has been put into the work by the artist in combination with the creative or divine process and inspiration. I have personally felt and experienced this in my own work and that of other artists.

All over the world ancient people have placed great importance in the image and its power and consciously embraced it in their daily rituals.

Images are potent, especially if they are imbued with potent love and energy. Visual art has the ability to be understood on a deeper and more intuitive level – as it directly touches the heart and soul.

Many people have confirmed the powerful, inspirational, transformational and soul healing qualities of my art and urged me to offer the Art Elixirs to the world. So here I am.


How it works

Look into the eyes of the monster and it will disappear.

I also strongly believe once we recognise problems and opportunities, we have the greatest potential for transformation. A picture tells more than a thousand words and can often be understood more intimately than words.

While pictures act as subtle triggers to your subconscious they can also work like oracles, directly revealing new perspectives to you.

A picture, once seen, can work its healing magic on your heart and soul. We can feel its message, without having to spell it out. Yet it also gives the viewer a definite departure point to visualise his or her own healing or transformation process and to take personal control of it. It is a lasting elixir and you can return to it as often as you like. Often it reveals new insights and layers to you over time.

As an intuitive artist, I can tune into the energy and translate it into a visual message for you. From the process I can give you some insights into possible interpretations and messages.

The creative process takes time and I experience the actual making of the artwork as symbolically going through the steps of transformation on your behalf. Finding and making visible a possible path and perspective for transformation to occur. I believe that through the creative-meditative working process I am already setting the necessary shift in motion.

Yet, it is up to you to let the magic into your soul and do the transformational work by consciously connecting with the artwork and listen to and following its very personal message for you.



The Creation Process

Before starting on an intuitive healing artwork I clear my space and energy and set the intention for the creation process.  The intention is directed either by your special request or through a prayer to show me what guidance or tonic you currently need. I connect to you and your spiritual guides and tune in to the guidance I receive.

The process could best be described as a kind of dialog, where the artwork (aka my intuition) tells me what it needs, and I create according to those visions. They usually happen in rather specific steps. I paint one aspect and then wait to see what the next colour, shape or aspect wants to be. I let myself be guided and inspired by the divine process.

I consciously let myself be the tool or vessel for expression from a greater spirit. I let go of any critical judgement and personal ego. For that reason I never know in advance what the final work will look like, what colours or images I will use or how it will turn out. I trust that the process and final image will be exactly what you need.

Often while I paint, I get specific ideas or understandings, which I will share with you. Just like the image, these might be helpful for you to understand the specific medicine. But first and foremost it is important to listen to what your heart and soul find in the work.

See the magic unfolding during the making of an Intuitive Art Elixir:

block Fox

How the idea for the Intuitive Art Elixirs came into being


It all began during my art studies, when I heard about Ethiopian healing scrolls and was intrigued.

A few years later I read a book about Feng Shui and the author explained how a woman who had trouble finding a partner, had decorated her flat with artworks showing lonely and sad women. She was constantly surrounded by and reminded of that type of energy.

Once she changed the artworks to images of happy couples and did some other things, like displaying objects in pairs, the lonely energy lifted and soon afterwards she found a loving partner.

Rain dances, rock paintings, tribal markings, Tarot and Feng Shui, all incorporate the ritual creative potential of embodying the image. In modern-day we create vision boards and journals to generate change in our lives.

There are many more examples of how ancient traditions use art and ritual for healing, praying and to evoke the spirits for good rains or a hunt. I have always felt different energies, of different intensity, going out from creative expressions of all kinds.

Experiments and studies

I decided to look closer into the inherent healing and manifesting potential of art. Over many years I have studied every old and new tradition I could get my hands on, which involves images or image-making as a form of therapy or manifestation.I want to consciously create something more purposeful than simply a ‘pretty picture’ for decoration only.

During the last few years I have experimented with my own creative expressions. For instance I examined the possibilities of creating rain through my art. I come from a very arid desert country so this seemed like a worthwhile idea. I have also created a personal yin & yang symbol and surrounded myself with it, to find more harmony and balance in my life and I have painted art elixirs to support the physical healing process of friends and myself. I have even, still in a more unconscious state, accidentally called a lover into my life by creating a clay sculpture of him… but that is another story.

What I found

My studies and experiments have taught me how every creative expression has a different energy. I have also realised that often, just by painting or drawing with no specific intention, I suddenly find answers or insights to something that has been on my mind. And I have experienced how my creative expression suddenly manifested in different ways in my real life again and again.

It also became apparent to me that the energy or presence of the artwork is not necessarily linked to the size, medium or perfect craftsmanship of the artwork. Sometimes a small sketch scribbled down in a few moments gives a more powerful boost of energy or insight than a perfectly crafted painting, which might seem empty or lifeless.

At other times, the long process of painting a larger acrylic painting draws me into a deep meditation or conversation with the artwork and the process becomes almost more important than the final painting. The more I trust the process and listen to my heart and the paper or canvas in front of me, the more surprising results I got.

I love being able to draw from so many different old and new traditions and insights and combining them with my personal understanding and knowledge of symbolism, tarot, archetypes, astrology, Feng Shui and totem animals. Using that knowledge and combining it with my personal experiences, gifts of creativity, art and intuition has led me to offering the Intuitive Art Elixirs.

If you have any questions please feel free to ask, I love to assist and inform.