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Art heals. Art transforms. Art is pure magic.

In almost every ancient tradition all over the world the artist was a shaman and the creative process has always been regarded as one of the most powerful agents of transformation, healing and manifestation.

Everybody can benefit from an Intuitive Art Elixir!

Just like a medicinial elixir these Art Elixirs can

  • support transformation and soul healing processes
  • infuse you with new energy when you feel exhausted
  • reveal underlying energies and potentials
  • help you find direction when you feel lost
  • provide guidance and fresh inspiration
    • and uncover hidden blockages

It is like a heart-centered intuitive coaching session, spiritual guidance and a beautiful, personalized artwork all wrapped into one.

And it is lasting!!!
You can return to its magic as often as you want. Over time it reveals even deeper layers of guidance and you continuously find new meaning in it.

Are you in need of some love, inspiration and colour in your life?

An Intuitive Art Elixir created especially for you will provide you with new insights, inspiration and support.

I am offering to hold the creative space for you and be a channel for creative expression of your soul’s guidance.

As an internationally acclaimed artist I have chosen to place my art into a more purposeful and personal service for you. I have been reclaiming my shamanic and visionary gifts over the past years and would love to offer them towards healing and transformation of the world, one soul and artwork at a time…

We all have the power to heal and to transform. Changes towards a better world start within. When we look after our own well-being and spiritual path, we cannot but beneficially impact everything around us.

The Intuitive Art Elixir

…is created during a meditative process in which I set an intention on your behalf and then connect to your soul and your spiritual guides. I ask them to show me what ingredients your elixir needs. The process usually happens in very distinctive steps, which gives me insight to the situation and possible solutions.

I believe that by going through these creative steps on your behalf and bringing them to light in the artwork, I add my positive intention and energy to the spiritual creative process and assist the transformative energy to be set in motion.

The creation of the Intuitive Art Elixir works as an ignition to help you set the process of transformation and soul healing in motion. The physical artwork gives a lasting form and material presence to this energy and supports your personal process – just like an elixir or tonic would.

While the images usually have meaning on a literal and visual level and sometimes provides some very obvious impulses or information, it also speaks directly to your heart and soul. By placing the artwork in your home where you can see and connect with it regularly, you increase and acknowledge its potency and invite it to work its magic in your life.

Want to add magic and a new vision to your life?

I would be deeply honoured to assist you and create a personal Intuitive Art Elixir just for you!

 You can also give an Intuitive Art Elixir as a gift to somebody special!
Just contact me to request a gift voucher.



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